Deputy Ministry of Tourism

The Tourism Investments’ Sector is a newly founded sector within the new structure of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

The main goals are to support tourism investments in Cyprus, to promote the destination for upcoming tourism investments in accordance with the National Tourism Strategy 2020-2030, to provide technical support of a general nature and to broaden its relations with potential investors both in Cyprus and abroad.

The Investments Sector’s actions focused on technical support required by potential investors mainly in the field of special interest products which are highlighted in the Tourism Strategy 2020-2030 relating to Health, Wellness, Gastronomy, Religion and Culture, Casino, Sports, Biking, Golf, Conferences & Festivals, Weddings, Cruising/Luxury Yachting and to the Accommodation Sector development.

The Tourism Investments Sector’s actions mainly concentrate in:
• exploring current and upcoming markets
• currently updated on international tourism investment trends
• cooperating on a bilateral basis with the InvestCyprus/CIPA (Cyprus Investments Promotions Agency)
• developing cooperation with other investment partners in Cyprus and abroad
• offering technical support to potential investors
• evaluating the performance of the special interest tourism and other products
• being involved in town planning and development issues
• providing incentive schemes.

Additionally, various marketing activities are conducted to promote Cyprus and its investment opportunities such the participation in international investment forums, exhibitions, roadshows, B2B meetings taking place in important investment source markets abroad and in Cyprus. The Sector will concentrate on promoting investment priorities and opportunities highlighted in the Tourism Strategy 2020-2030.

Promoting Cyprus as an investments’ destination is done in cooperation with CIPA under our, one common brand name, the ΤourInvestCyprus. In addition, promotional activities of the two associated bodies are supported by shared specialized promotional material.

The Sector also participates in educational programs and ad hoc meetings for penetrating and identifying the best practices in the area of investments.

The Tourism Investments Sector of the Deputy Ministry also cooperates with other bodies of the public sector and in particular with those government departments which are linked/relate with the development and investment in the field of tourism and the special interest products.