Deputy Ministry of Tourism

The Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism aims at vocational education and training of human resources with main objective the development of knowledges and skills in tourism and hospitality field. The vision is to set life-long learning and quality hospitality as top priorities for individuals and business related directly or indirectly to tourism and hospitality. Among the Deputy Ministry of Tourism goals, in the field of tourism education, are the following:

- Lifelong education and training (up-skilling) and re-skilling
- Cultivating tourism awareness among professionals and public
- Dissemination of knowledge about new trends and challenges
- Dealing with shortage of human resources
- Increase in demand for tourism jobs
- Promotion of Cyprus Hospitality
- Achieving synergies with interested parties in Cyprus and abroad
- Implementing training programs to comply with the legislative framework
- Increasing industry and public awareness about the destination
- Information on career opportunities in tourism
- Exchange of know-how and best practices
- Upgrading the tourist product
- Optimizing the services provided
- Providing quality hospitality

  • Educational and Training Programs organized by the Ministry

  • Cyprus Hospitality Awards

  • Young Tourism Ambassadors

  • Presentations for jobs in tourism industry

  • World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

  • Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth

  • Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA)

  • Cyprus Productivity Center

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