Natural Person
Citizen of a member state of the EU/EEA
Non-Cypriot ID Holder
Applicant (Operator) Status: Beneficial User


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*Tourist Furnished Villas – They have direct and independent external access, privacy and autonomy, with regard to the land plot and building, and include an exclusive landscaped garden

**Tourist Furnished Residences – Located in a row or in complex of detached houses, they have autonomy, private, shared or public external access and privacy (without a shared staircase)

***Apartment – It can be properly and comfortably occupied and used as a complete, separate and independent unit, as defined in the provisions of the Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration & Valuation) Law, as applicable from time to time.

- The maximum capacity per establishment is 5 bedrooms (10 people)

 Note: Typing the first few characters of the name performs search

*Note: For the Electricity Authority of Cyprus submit the 10-digit "Premise ID" as shown in the picture below BUT WITHOUT THE SPACES IN BETWEEN:




Non Mandatory Facilities

Surrounding Environment

Mandatory valid documents that the applicants must secure before the submission of the present application for the renewal of the Special Label.

I/We hereby declare that I/we comply with the conditions below:


Important Instructions for the Attachments:
1. Maximum size allowed for each file to be attached – not to exceed 1MB
2. Maximum allowed total size of all file attachments - not to exceed 4MB
3. Attachment names only in English, no spaces, up to 10 characters
4. Allowed file formats: PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF


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    1. I/We hereby declare that my/our case does not come under Article 16A(3)-(d),(e),(f),(g) and (h) of the 2019 and 2023 Laws Regulating the Establishment and Operation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation Establishments (available on www.tourism.gov.cy) and that the above information declared in the application are true. Simultaneously, I/ We declare having secured all the relevant certificates and documents required by the Law for the registration of the particular establishment to the register of the self-service accommodation establishments held by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. I/We am/are also aware of the fact that an inaccurate or fraudulent statement constitutes a criminal offence.

    2. I hereby declare that I accept the processing of my personal data by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism in accordance with the current provisions of the Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law. I understand that my personal data and documents which have been declared in the present form and even sent to the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, will be processed in confidentiality and secrecy, in electronic or other form, by persons duly authorised by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, for internal use.


Name of signee:___________________________________________

Date :___________________________


    1. It is prohibited to lease any self-service accommodation establishment, if its surrounding area and/or any of its premises have not been completed and finalized and/or are under reconstruction to the extent that the independent use of that particular self-service accommodation establishment is not possible.
    2. It is prohibited to publish misleading or false information or other material about the self-service accommodation establishment.
    3. The property shall be leased as a villa or residence or unit (apartment) and not a part thereof.
    4. The supporting documents that have a certain time validity shall be renewed at their expiration with the sole responsibility of the applicant.


    1. Registration Fee to the Register: €222
    2. If the applicant is a legal person, this should have been legally established.
    3. All the certificates and documents in support of the solemn declaration should be retained by the applicant for inspection purposes.
    4. Applications which have not been fully and correctly filled out and documented, shall not be considered.
    5. The accuracy of the information submitted with this solemn declaration may be verified based on the archive of other Governmental Departments.
    6. Establishments with a building permit of hotel or tourist establishments cannot be registered as self-service establishments.
    7. The Deputy Ministry of Tourism is entitled by the Law to carry out whenever an ex-officio inspection to any self-service accommodation establishment, in order to verify the existence of its registration licence to the Register of Self-Service Accommodation Establishments, as well as the operator’s compliance with the relevant registration terms