Please read carefully the instructions below before commencing filling out the Application – Solemn Declaration

1. Before proceeding, the applicant should make sure to have in electronic form (PDF File) the following documents

        1.1 Title Deeds of Establishment and/ or Building Permit or Town Planning Permit for the type of the establishment – (Τhe letter – first page)

        1.2 Recent Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) Bill for the particular establishment.

        1.3 Photocopy of identity card, or passport, or recent certificate of incorporation οf legal person, according to who is declared as operator (proprietor or beneficial user) of the establishment.

        1.4 Signed (and sealed with the legal person’s seal, if the proprietor is a legal person) authorisation of the establishment proprietor to the beneficial user (operator). To be submitted only if it is declared in the application-solemn declaration that the beneficial user (operator) is other than the proprietor. If the proprietor of the establishment is declared as the operator in the application, the authorisation (1.4) is NOT to be submitted.

2. The Application-Solemn Declaration starts by clicking Proceed. In the course of the application, it will be requested to upload the above documents (1.1-1.4) on the website.

3. Upon completion, the application form is to be printed and signed. In the case of a legal person (e.g. company), the form is to be signed and sealed with the legal person’s seal.

4. The form is to be converted into .pdf file and uploaded on the website.

5. After the procedure has been completed, press the SUBMIT button.

    - The uploaded document should be 5 in total or 4 if the applicant is the proprietor of the establishment.

    - Proprietor – Natural or legal person that is proprietor of the establishment. They may apply, as proprietor (operator), in order to register the establishment as self-service accommodation.

    - Beneficial User – Natural or legal person that is authorised by the proprietor of the establishment to use it. After securing the relevant proprietor of establishment authorisation, they may apply as Beneficial User (operator), in order to register the establishment as self-service accommodation.

    - For registration purposes in the Register of Self-Service Accommodation, the establishment may be a villa, a residence or an apartment.

Application Number: The applications submitted for registering an establishment as self-service accommodation, are allocated, for reference purposes, a number which corresponds to the 10-digit number provided in the field Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) Premises Number.

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