Deputy Ministry of Tourism

On the 8th January 2020, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism in Cyprus has introduced the National Tourism Strategy 2030.

In light of this strategy and within the framework set by the government’s state budget, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism conducts marketing and promotional activities. These activities are drafted in collaboration with Tour Operators, airlines and other stakeholders, who intend to feature Cyprus in their plans. Such activities may include participation in international travel fairs, organisation of info trips to Cyprus, joint advertising campaigns, social media campaigns, online campaigns etc.

Any company which includes or intends to include Cyprus in its holiday packages/routes, can contact the Deputy Ministry of Tourism for further information. It is imperative, that any interested party operates in a line of business which supports Cyprus National Tourism Strategy (see below links) and that it does not cooperate in any way with the occupied areas of Cyprus.

Tourism Strategy Foreword
Tourism Strategy Presentation