Deputy Ministry of Tourism

a) The setting out of a complete national strategy of tourism and comprehensive tourist development design of Cyprus, including the laying out of positions for the placement of touristic locations,

b) the coordination and the implementation of a national strategy of tourism with the use of essential horizontal policies,

c) the support of investments in tourism, including the development and implementation of incentives and the continuous supply of information to the public,

d) the promotion of touristic consciousness, training and further education,

e) the setting out of a strategic projection, promotion and highlighting of the touristic product of Cyprus abroad and internally.

Provided that for the purpose of implementation of the above, consultations with all bodies involved takes place all level of preparation and implementation of a complete strategy of tourism in accord with the followed practice in the field of lawful governing

f) the preparation of studies, market research, analysis of contemporary trends in tourism, the management of statistical data, the evaluation of the performance of programs and grants expended on tourism,

g) the creation and maintenance of a register of tourist businesses,

h) the development of new tourist products and the updating of existing ones, the continuous upgrading of the quality of services provided in the tourist sector and the promotion of innovation,

i) the implementation of the tourism legislation, relation to the powers it has given to the Cyprus Tourism Organization prior to the commencement of the present Law into force, including the issue of relevant licenses,

j) the supervision of the tourist sector, the cooperation with other supervisory authorities and the Cyprus Police, the correct provision of information and update of tourist businesses and their consumers regarding the provisions of the tourism legislation and rendering the public sensitive to the tourist product,

k) the drawing and submission of proposals for reform concerning the simplification of procedures for the attraction of investments of tourist character, in the upgrading of competitiveness and the wider development of the tourist industry, as well as the simplification of the regulatory framework regarding the tourist industry.